Should You Get a GoPro? 

If you’re still wondering if you should go get a GoPro to document your trips and adventures, the answer is very simple. You should. While GoPro cameras are something of an investment, you really don’t have to buy them from stores to get to use them. There’s a better option these days, which is to rent them.  

You heard it right. There are stores offering GoPro rental Kihei services and you simply have to inquire with them on how to secure one for yourself. GoPro is best for your beach and underwater adventures because it is, by far, the best action camera your money can buy. If your upcoming adventure is worth filming and sharing, then you definitely have to get a GoPro.  

Why Get GoPro? 

While you might think that your mobile phone camera or your DLSR is good enough to capture your adventures, think again. GoPro has neat features that these two devices combined can’t provide. For starters, would you use either your phone or camera underwater? You most probably won’t. Here are more reasons why you should get a GoPro.  

1. It is compact and lightweight.  

Unlike DLSR units, GoPros are very small and rather light. It won’t get in your way while you go about filming whatever you’re doing. It’s so small that you can mount in just about anywhere. You don’t need a tripod or anything else to get it set up. What’s more, it’s not too much of a hassle to carry around. It will fit in your pocket!  

2. It is waterproof. 

Now, this is what makes GoPro stand out from the rest. If it comes to underwater shots, there’s nothing that would work best than a GoPro. Just make sure that you also get the waterproof housing that it comes with and you’ll be all set. Now you can go diving and capture every minute of it.  

3. It is durable and tough. 

Since GoPro is designed as an action camera, it is meant to withstand the common wear and tear associated with your extreme adventures. Needless to say, GoPro is super tough. Experts have tested GoPro’s ability to withstand damage and the results were very favorable.  

4. It is wearable. 

A GoPro is wearable and easily mountable. It comes with accessories that make it possible to place the device on your head, wrist, helmet, and chest. That means you get to free your hands while still filming the whole thing. It’s best used to film yourself while riding a mountain bike, climbing a mountain, and snorkeling. 

5. It is also perfect for stills. 

If you think that a GoPro is only for filming, it’s not. You can use it just like any other camera, which means you can also capture those stills and selfies. The images produced are of high-quality as well, which makes it the ideal device for those who love sharing photos in social media.  

These are the advantages that you get when you get a GoPro so be sure to rent or buy one for your own use on your next outing. Find reputable rental shops near you or at the location of your next adventure.  

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